Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Journey to OSCP

This all started when I enrolled for PWB, the most exciting course in network security. I had enough days to spend in lab but the pressure was to complete it in a months time. I started Lab from day 1. Lab was most exciting thing. It taught me "Enumeration is the KEY". Enumerate, enumerate & enumerate before exploitation.

Lab was having approx 60 machines waiting to get pwned with different OS and vulnerabilities. I managed to get Lab Goal pwning all targets in the path.

It was fun to get shell on server.

Then the day arrived when i decided to take the challenge. I choose the slot from 11:30PM as I'm good at night. I took a good sleep a night before and during the day. I was bit relaxed and confident waiting for mail for exam setup.

Ay 11:30PM, mail arrived with all necessary information for the exam. Looking at it, I feel confident and started my enumeration phase.

Till 5:00AM, I managed to reach half way. Feel good. And then it happened. Next 10 hrs, no success. Sill at half-way mark. I started feeling frustration with decreasing confidence. Damn ... everything was perfect but something not working. :(

At 1:00PM, I had lunch and started fresh with other targets since the last on was more painful. Bingo!! More success!! but still less.

This has increased my confidence a little. Now I decided to head the painful target one more time. I had a backup plan in mind if this thing doesn't work for next 2 hr. My heart started beating fast n fast as time was running out.

And it happened !! I managed to score more than the passing limit. Hush!! :)

My well wishers encouraged me to go after 100pts, but I decided to stop here. This is mostly due to the stress I experienced in last 24hrs.

There were moments during challenge when you see all things perfect but result is fail. I learned to keep eye on very small details which effectively contribute a big difference.

During all these painful 30 days, my wife stood behind me and this certification would not be possible without her help and support. I thank you, my Love.

I would like to thanks all my friends from garage4hackers, especially b0nd for his suggestions and encouragements. Also I would like to thank "T.Basu" for support.

Now I can proudly shout "I'm OSCP".